My approach is one of expressionism and total distortion. I focus on the irony of it all by using arbitrary colors with organic materials, reinforcing nature's contradictions and its true character.

I begin by photographically capturing a subject, then focus on the emotion of the piece by distorting it digitally. I then paint it by hand using a cross-mix of media. By using deliberate, thick impasto oil techniques, the delicate stroke of watercolor and oil pastel, or the contradictory combination of resin and organic material, I seek to convey the true character of each work until it absorbs a life of its own. It is at that point when I bring it to life on canvas.

I use all premium media including fine art archival quality ink, acrylic paint, oil pastels, as well as the most respected sources for acid-free, archival watercolor paper and canvas.

When my art evokes emotional responses and reactions, no matter how strong or silent, I believe I then have communicated what nature has intended us to see.

Hopefully, I have evoked an emotional response from you.